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VLC player audio is intermittant

Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 1:00 am
by electroken
I am running linux mint 17.3.
I installed the latest version of VLC player for Mint from the video lan site. It did not help the problem.
I can play a video I downloaded from YouTube using the video player in Mint as the default but I want to make sure the movie will play ok using VLC player since I have that in use on my windows machine and also share with others and depend on vlc player as it is so universal. So the video plays ok in both but on video player the sound is good but when using vlc for the same movie the sound seems to be cutting out every few seconds for only about 1-2 sec but it is unacceptable. Now I know it might be a protection issue used to thwart the downloading, but how come the default player called video (and it says it is Totem Video in the help menu) but not possible using vlc?
I am sure it is due to codecs (perhaps) or maybe a bad vlc version. I did not seem to have this issue before now.

I have installed the latest version of libdvdcss but maybe it doesn't work right for vlc?

Any suggestions are appreciated.