I accidentally deleted my bottom panel[Somewhat solved with questions]

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Re: I accidentally deleted my bottom panel

Post by rlslemmer »

Cosmo. wrote:You must be more precise in what you are doing. Example:
rlslemmer wrote:This is what I get:

roger@roger-TravelMate-P245-M ~ $ mate-panel -^-^reset
You inserted 2 spaces, which I replaced here for reference with the sign ^, which did not exist in the original advice. With such failures no terminal command can work as expected.
Thank you Cosmo and all for your help. I was not able to actually restore my original panel, but I did some moving of icons on the new one I created. Thinking, let's play with this the way it is. And I did this before I even came here, mostly because as soon as I opened Firefox it minimized and couldn't get here anyway. The icons had been all bunched up in the middle and had been hiding my minimized windows. With the normal ones out in the corners - lo and behold, I have a usable panel again. The only thing I haven't found to replace is the Start Button and maybe a few others that are normally defaults. Perhaps if I did figure out how to restore the default panel that might be the easiest way to get everything back to normal. But I'd hate to f*** this up again.

How this happened in the first pace - I was trying to add icons for quickstart of applications to the panel. I had created a second panel also by accident, didn't even recognize it because it was blank and at the top of the screen and the same color as my open window, then deleted the first by accident.

If there is a simple guide to using the Mate panel, could someone please point me to it? I forget computer stuff pretty easily. What I have learned today I'll have to re-learn in a week if I don't practice it much. I have already forgotten how I added the icons I added this morning.
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