Mint with large fonts > 20 pt for people with bad eyes

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Mint with large fonts > 20 pt for people with bad eyes

Post by volkerjaenisch » Tue Sep 19, 2017 8:34 pm


My mon cannot read a font under 20 pt on a full HD screen. Currently she is using a debian wheezy with a KDE desktop. I fiddled a lot to get the desktop and applications be readable for her. Now we have to upgrade to a newer OS and I looked toward Mint.

I looked at all the Variants from KDE to Cinnamon and in the end there were problems with such large fonts in each variant.

Xfce has the most simple display. I like this very much. But the menu has tiny buttons for exit/restart etc.
Cinnamon is the most configurable one but there is to much information density.

Is there anybody out there having the same problem?

Let us share our findings


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Re: Mint with large fonts > 20 pt for people with bad eyes

Post by richyrich » Tue Sep 19, 2017 8:56 pm

It is quite simple in the Xfce desktop. :)
Right click in an open area of the screen, and from the popup menu choose Desktop Settings. There under the Icon tab you can set the size of icons and font size for the icons. (click to enlarge)

From the Appearance program's Font tab, you can set system wide font and size. (see size on the right when you click the Default font list)

And right click on the Menu button, choose Properties, and under the Appearance tab you can set sizes for the Menu icons there . . :D

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Re: Mint with large fonts > 20 pt for people with bad eyes

Post by Mick-Cork » Tue Sep 19, 2017 9:06 pm

Hi Volker,

I had a similar issue myself. 1080p on a 14" screen. Cinnamon 18.2 Initially I just changed the screen resolution to 1600x900 and maybe a similar approach would solve the prob for your mom. (Menu/Display). In my case it bugged me not using the native resolution so I eventually changed it back to 1080 and then set about tweaking things to achieve the same result.

Menu/Fonts to increase the scaling factor.
Zoom options in browsers to increase size.

There are still some apps that insist on smaller fonts, but overall I'm quite happy now. Depends on what apps your mom is using, and whether scaling and zoom options achieve the desired result. A quick simple fix though might be just to change the screen resolution. A case of trying it and see.

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