Cannot watch Netflix

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Re: Cannot watch Netflix

Post by wallaroo » Tue Oct 31, 2017 1:03 am

Ever since Firefox announced that they now support Netflix I have been trying to get it to work - unsuccessfully.
I do have Firefox screwed down fairly tightly with Firejail, NoScript, Adblocking and so on, so I was not surprised it didn't work right away. But I tried all the usual, like ensuring DRM was on, disabled add-ons and run it outside Firejail with no luck.

However, I finally got it working (in Mint) using Firefox 'profiles' without compromising my more secure browser.

I created a new profile and called it 'Netflix'. In this profile I left everything as default (except sending data back to Mozilla) and added no 'add-ons', so when I run with this profile I am running a 'pristine' instance of Firefox. I set the home page as Netflix and only use this to access Netflix - nothing else.

I also created separate menu launchers so I can easily use my 'secure' browser instance for general access and the more 'open' browser instance for Netflix.
The default profile is launched as 'firejail firefox -P "default"'
The Netflix profile is launched as just 'firefox -P "Netflix"'.

To create a new profile just run 'about:profiles' in the browser and click on 'Create a New Profile'

Worth a try!

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Re: Cannot watch Netflix

Post by sig » Mon Dec 25, 2017 12:22 am

run google-chrome, much better browser and it supports Mint fine.

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