Magic wand of sudo apt-get??

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Magic wand of sudo apt-get??

Post by arimakidd »

I was having tremendous issues troubleshooting the error 'mbstring' missing when trying to run phpmyadmin. All of a sudden I stumble upon an article that says use the command:

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sudo apt-get install php7.0-mbstring
What a waste of time trying to vi the php.ini files. Can some please explain sudo apt-get??? What repository does it pull from, can I literally install anything once it's available using this command??
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Re: Magic wand of sudo apt-get??

Post by WharfRat »

apt-get is the command line interface to the package manager.

inxi -r will show the repositories it's pulling from

It's actually reading the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list.d/

To get an explanation of the package you installed you can apt show php7.0-mbstring
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Re: Magic wand of sudo apt-get??

Post by JasonStonier »

When I started with linux, I was like "so to install stuff I need to type 'sudo apt-get install yadayada' in the command line - Windows makes so much more sense, just click on an .exe..."

But the more I get into Linux the more I realise that the package manager concept is genius. apt-get pulls validated software from repositories and makes sure that all the dependencies are fulfilled. Basically, if it's available in the repository you can be pretty sure it'll work on your version of linux. This is the 'app store' concept, and linux nailed it.

Try things like sudo apt-cache search yourprogram to see what is available.

It's worth putting time in to really learning the package manager as it will change your life.
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Re: Magic wand of sudo apt-get??

Post by Captain Brillo »

Every time I bork the Linux box, I learn something new - what a blast!
If it ain't broke, fix it anyway! Ha Ha!
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