A Question about Lua Metatable vs. Normal Table

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A Question about Lua Metatable vs. Normal Table

Post by sphyrth »

I don't know where to actually ask this, so I'm putting my trust on you guys to either
answer me directly, or to refer me to the proper forum/site to ask this.

For this example, I'm making a Shape 'class' in Lua that can instantiate a shape that will have
(1) a number of corners, and (2) a move function.
Implementing it the way I would normally do (with normal tables), this is what it looks like:

Code: Select all

shape = {}

function shape:new(corners)
   local s = {}
   s.corners = corners and corners or 3

   function s:move()
   	-- Move the shape

   return s

square = shape:new(4)
Trying to learn Metatables, this is what it looks like:

Code: Select all

shape = {}

-- 1. Setting up Metatable
shape.mt = {}
shape.mt.__index = square.mt

-- 2. Giving Default Values
shape.mt.corners = 3

setmetatable(shape, shape.mt)

-- 3. Using __call as an Instantiation Function
function shape.mt:__call(corners)
	local s = setmetatable({}, shape.mt)
	s.corners = corners
	return s

-- Some random function
function shape.mt:move()
	-- Move the shape

-- Instantiating and using its function
square = shape(4)
Now for my question:
Since using Normal Tables looks simpler, should I just use Normal Tables for simple stuff these,
or should I keep using the Metatable Example just to get the hang of it?
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