Wow, Samba is horribly slow and NFS appears pretty complicated

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Wow, Samba is horribly slow and NFS appears pretty complicated

Postby gene0915 » Fri Dec 08, 2017 2:24 am

So I was using Grsync to backup my newly built Plex server (with 14+TB of data) to my old Windows box and whoah..... I was seeing only 35-50MB/s xfer rate! :( Then, I looked into NFS and sheesh, setting that up seems like I have to edit 400 ini files and create shares and map them from the client to the server and it's just not as easy to set up as Samba.

I just want a quick way to copy files off the Plex server (Mint 18.3) to a Windows 7 box. I've tried several tips/tricks/smb.conf editing types of fixes over the past few hours with no luck. Most made things worse so I just put everything back to normal. Reading around, it seems this is just a known problem with Samba and Windows 7. I booted my backup box with an Ubuntu drive and Samba was still slow copying to it.

Am I going to have to buy a Synology and backup over USB if I want 100MB/s backup speeds?

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