desktop to pi to tv

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desktop to pi to tv

Post by wiab4355 »

Not really sure if this a newbie question or not, but here goes.

Basically my Dad's DVDs, CDs and photos are going to be ripped and stored on a desktop (LXLE), sent by Ethernet to Raspberry Pi (Openelec/Kodi) and then to HDTV.

Any software/hardware suggestions and, obviously, tips on where to start would all be appreciated.

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Re: desktop to pi to tv

Post by deepakdeshp »

Chromecast by Google or Amazon stick can be used to pair your tv with other wi fi devices.
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Re: desktop to pi to tv

Post by Habitual »

I use Plex with Roku.
Just finished digitizing my 255 DVDs too, what a chore. My iMac handled it like a champ (and w\only 8G of RAM)

Good Luck and Have Fun!
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