Greetings and few newbie questions

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Greetings and few newbie questions

Postby sakfa » Tue May 15, 2007 2:46 pm

Hi everyone

I've just installed Mint, which made pretty good impression on me (even though it has taken 2 hours to change resolution on my ATI Radeon 9000;) ), and I want to stick up with this system for some longer time, so it's time to make some configuration

To begin I've got 2 newbie questions, first:
- how can I set up my partition (windows ntfs, can be read-only) to automatically mount on system boot time? (I know how mount works, just tell me where should I type command to execute it at boot time)

- how can I open a file (using simple file manager) with root access or how do I change permissions of file which is owned by root, so that specific user can write/execute this file?

Oh, and one more thing: when I use terminal text-editor 'vi' I've got some issues with keyboard - I can't make new line, special chars are all messed up and so on - how can I fix it, to get english or polish chars working? Keyboard works perfectly in terminal, just vi makes problems.

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Postby sakfa » Tue May 15, 2007 3:37 pm

OK, I've already answered my first questions myself - I edited fstab to mount my partitions, and learned more about chmod function to change permissions for files.

Last question remains unanswered

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Postby Boo » Tue May 15, 2007 7:36 pm

even though you answered you own first question, mintdisk should have mounted the ntfs partitions automatically. sometimes checking mintdesktop settings in config center and mintdisk settings makes them show up on your desktop.
But mint disk is using ntfs-3g which runs in user space so this may not meet your needs.

if you want to open the file manager, nautilus, as root open a terminal and:

gksudo nautilus

But be careful as it is easy to wreck your system.

the great vi:
install vim useing synaptic. that should solve your problems and give you colours for syntax and cool gui stuff.
yes the vi mapping is poo.

Now where was i going? Oh yes, crazy!

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