possible to create swap partition after install?

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possible to create swap partition after install?

Postby kate273 » Wed May 27, 2009 4:54 am

I set up Linux Mint to dual boot on someone's PC but didn't set up a swap partition as I wasn't sure what they wanted to do with their XP system (that wouldn't load because of virus/trojan).
I can now set a swap partition up, but was wondering if I can do that without doing a re-install?

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Re: possible to create swap partition after install?

Postby DataMan » Wed May 27, 2009 5:32 am

I've never done it post-install but it should be achievable. Here's the basics:

1. Create the swap partition using a partition editor (GParted Live is my perferred).
2. Make a backup copy and then edit your /etc/fstab file and identify the swap, here's a copy of my swap entry for the fstab:

# /dev/sda5
UUID=f421f351-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx none swap sw 0 0

3. Save the fstab file and re-boot.

If you're going to use the uuid method for identifying the swap partition, run the following from a terminal to get the uuid for the swap partition (use cut and paste):

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ls /dev/disk/by-uuid -lh

Hope this helps,

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