linux mint 18.3 and insurgency

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linux mint 18.3 and insurgency

Post by exstream » Fri Feb 16, 2018 10:22 pm

im trying to move from micro soft to Linux mint i play insurgency and run servers being new to Linux i dont know how to fix the problem with my game the game text doesn't show up its not even showing insurgency version at the bottom the servers you cant put any key binds in the server list you cant see any servers on it you can join any server you just don’t know what server you are joining just like the key binds list i wont save any info Reinstalled game 1 time verified 3 times
Ive uninstalled Linux mint 18.3 and reinstalled it reinstalled steam and insurgency and still having same problem. the text in the game just don't show up i cant move over to Linux until i get this fixed Ive got one reply from insurgency support saying :
(It appears that you may have corrupted font which Insurgency uses, if you did not already please verify your game files in Steam:
Go to Steam client, library, right click on Insurgency, select properties, local files, "Verify integrity of game cache...") still didn't work.i just dont know what to do now
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Re: linux mint 18.3 and insurgency

Post by Hoser Rob » Sat Feb 17, 2018 8:50 am

To tell you the truth, while I don't have any Windows partitions any more, I'm not a gamer. If I was I'd still have some Windows. Steam doesn't work as well in Linux as in WIndows generally due to poor game and driver optimization, many Linux Steam games require Nvidia graphics, and it's normal to get significantly less FPS in Linux even if the game's working as well as it could. Linux still stinks for gamers.

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