f.lux or something like it?

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Re: f.lux or something like it?

Post by jsb »

Thanks for the tip, Marziano, and for confirmation on the unneeded items, kc1di and Moem
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Re: f.lux or something like it?

Post by Termy »

If, like me, you're more interested in easy, manual control of redshift, I suggest redshifter: https://github.com/terminalforlife/misc ... redshifter

It's fairly simple little program which I wrote for the sole purpose of easily incrementing and decrementing the colors with keyboard shortcuts. I wish I could demonstrate its usage in a video on my channel so I could show you, but unfortunately I don't think it's possible. :lol: I, for example, have Super+9 set to decrement the blue light, Super+0 set to increment the blue light, and Super+8 set to reset the value. (Super is AKA the Windows key)

I also added this bit to one of my initialization scripts for my setup: https://github.com/terminalforlife/i3co ... alize#L107

It's really nice because it restores the previous value on login, even after a restart. You can ignore everything other than what the comment I pointed to references, as it's not relevant here.

I realise this may not be friendly for an inexperienced user or something, but I thought I'd share anyway, just in-case you were up for the task. If you did want to use that bit of code to restore the value at startup, you'll want to save it into a standard text file somewhere, then point to it in that list of startup items someone posted above; the command to execute the newly-created script would be: bash /path/to/script With the correct path, obviously. :P

As for getting redshifter, you can do that with insit (like a package manager for programs and what-not I publish on GitHub). Here are the commands to do it all for you:

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wget -q https://github.com/terminalforlife/installit/raw/master/insit && sudo bash insit -S
sudo insit redshifter
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I'm LearnLinux (LL) on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfp-lN ... naEE6NtDSg
I'm also terminalforlife (TFL) on GitHub: https://github.com/terminalforlife
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Re: f.lux or something like it?

Post by lamarquise »

Iris works too
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