Some video resolution questions

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Some video resolution questions

Postby jacatone » Sat May 30, 2009 2:22 am

I'm running LM 6 XFCE. I used EnvyNG to install the nvidia-96-glx driver which works OK, but when I check System/Hardware Drivers it says no drivers are in use. Is something wrong here? Also, I notice some distros automatically adjust the screen image to my monitor without my having to do it manually. Is there a setting or program that'll do that in this distro? Thanks.

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Re: Some video resolution questions

Postby LitBolt » Sat May 30, 2009 3:58 am

I had a similar annoyance with resolution. The XFCE manager seemed convinced my card was only capable of 1024X768 @51hz for some reason. My personal experience didn't involve EnvyNG, as I'd found that the newest nVidia drivers didn't work whereas the previous one did. Can't remember the version number off the top of my head though.

As far as automatically adjusting I don't know of any programs that will, but if you go into a terminal and type "nvidia-settings" it should come up with a menu that will let you adjust the resolution using nVidia's settings instead of XFCE's (if it complains about "missing authorization" or something when you try to apply the changes, go back to the terminal and type "sudo nvidia-settings", just make sure you have all the settings right since you have administration rights in sudo mode).

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