ROES - How to launch Java app using a .jnlp file?

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roy pittman
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ROES - How to launch Java app using a .jnlp file?

Post by roy pittman »

I am trying to use a program to order merchandise from the print shop I use (White House (Custom Colour).
WHCC requires that to order I must use a java launch program called ROES and I cannot make it run on my Linux Mint box.
Here is the listing: -rwxr--r-- 1 roy roy 1202 Apr 2 15:28 Launch-WHCC-ROES.jnlp
Here is the code:

Code: Select all

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
		<title>WHCC ROES</title>
		<homepage href="index.html"/>
		<description>WHCC ROES</description>
		<description kind="short">WHCC ROES</description>
		<description kind="one-line">WHCC ROES</description>
		<description kind="tooltip">WHCC ROES</description>
		<icon href=""/>
		<j2se version="1.6+" max-heap-size="1024M"/>
		<property name="" value="false"/>
		<jar href="Client/Releases/v9_x/9_0_x/jai_imageio.jar"/>
		<jar href="Client/Releases/v9_x/9_0_x/jep-2.4.0.jar"/>
		<jar href="Client/Releases/v9_x/9_0_x/libs.jar"/>
		<jar href="Client/Releases/v9_x/9_0_x/h2.jar"/>
		<jar href="Client/Releases/v9_x/9_0_x/ROESClient.jar" main="true"/>
	<application-desc main-class="">
Here is what happens:

Code: Select all

roy@sartoris ~/Pictures/bay_photo $ ./Launch-WHCC-ROES.jnlp 
./Launch-WHCC-ROES.jnlp: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'
./Launch-WHCC-ROES.jnlp: line 1: `<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>'
roy@sartoris ~/Pictures/bay_photo $ date
Thu Apr  5 11:04:58 MST 2018
Any ideas?
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Reason: Made the title more descriptive: the question is how to launch a Java app via a .jnlp file

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Re: ROES - How to launch Java app using a .jnlp file?

Post by karlchen »

Hello, Roy Pittman.

A .jnlp file is not an executable script. Therefore you cannot execute a .jnlp file as a command.
.jnlp files have to be processed by the Java executable file /usr/bin/javaws.

So your commandline should read

Code: Select all

roy@sartoris ~/Pictures/bay_photo $ javaws ./Launch-WHCC-ROES.jnlp
HTH, Karl
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Re: ROES - How to launch Java app using a .jnlp file?

Post by phd21 »

Hi "roy pittman",

I just read your post and the good reply from "karlchen". Here are my thoughts on this as well.

Linux Mint can run almost any Java applications as long as you have Java runtime(s) installed.

Although I have open source Java (openJDK) version 8 and Oracle's Java 8 installed, I could not run the command from "karlchen". I had to install this first:

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sudo apt install icedtea-netx
Then I ran the command from the folder where I download their "launch.jnlp" file (click link with Mac osx 10) with root user privileges (Sudo) and without, without I did not see pictures on the initial screen. Update: it works fine without using root user privileges (Sudo), you just have to login first to their application with your account information.

Code: Select all

javaws ./launch.jnlp
Hope this helps ...
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