Why am I getting a Netgear Login page? (updated)

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Why am I getting a Netgear Login page? (updated)

Post by pergelator » Mon Apr 09, 2018 2:53 am

Old Linux Mint box, hasn't been used for a year or two. Plug in an ethernet cable, connected to the same hub that all the other computers in my house are using. Bring up Firefox. I can access the Linux Mint Forum, but that is all. If I try to access Google anything, it tells me "Unable to connect". Try and bring up anything else and I get a Netgear Login page. Near as I can tell, I have no Netgear equipment on the premises. Where is this coming from?

The rest of the computer seems fine. I just used Brasero to burn a new Linux Mint installation DVD, and that worked fine.
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Re: Why am I getting a Netgeor Login page?

Post by MScott » Mon Apr 09, 2018 3:27 am

I have a Netgear router and either 123.456.7.8 or routerlogin.net are used to set it up or make adjustments using the firmware or website software - possible you may have forgotten something in the past year or two. I don't know if anyone can tell you why a link is in your browser. If you tried it have you been redirected to a malicious site -- malware..?

Wonderin' are you getting a login page or a login dialog, either asking for admin & password? Strange indeed. If you could I would update Ff to see if you can open a new page or a new tab blank.
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