Replacing Cinnamon with XFCE

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Replacing Cinnamon with XFCE

Post by bobirving »

I've installed Mint with Cinnamon on my ageing Dell, which is OK, but not zippy. Could I replace it with XFCE? installing over the current system or use another partition?
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Re: Replacing Cinnamon with XFCE

Post by deepakdeshp »

You should use other partition or format the existing Cinnamon partition clean and then install on to it.
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I am using Mint 20 Cinnamon 64 bit with AMD A8/7410 processor . Memory 8GB
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Re: Replacing Cinnamon with XFCE

Post by Cosmo. »

bobirving wrote:
Wed Apr 11, 2018 1:57 pm
installing over the current system
This depends from what you really want to do. Doing a fresh install and using the same partition as the current system is perfectly OK and it is the first installation method, which the Mint installer offers. If you mean to install Xfce inside of the current system besides Cinnamon: This is technically possible, but I just had to deal with some problems of a user here and it took us 1 day to find out, that such a dual desktop configuration was the culprit.
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Re: Replacing Cinnamon with XFCE

Post by David1293 »

I would recommend a fresh install, too.
By the way, if your old laptop still doesn't run well with XFCE, there are versions of Linux designed to run on old hardware. I've used Antix (still available in 32 bit, if you need it) with success. I find it an excellent distro.

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Re: Replacing Cinnamon with XFCE

Post by jsb »

Just replace it. XFCE is better, anyway :lol:

As noted, if you start the install of XFCE, one option will be install alongside Mint (cinnamon), another will be to replace it (this will wipe the HDD, so back-up whatever you want to keep first) either of those is simple to do. Just pick the first if you want to be able to use cinnamon as well as XFCE for some reason and pick the second if you just want to switch over to XFCE. There will also be a third option that is not simple: "something else".

We've got 3 aging Dells running MInt XFCE, this one is an Optiplex 760.
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