Change font size when when printing from xed text editor?

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Change font size when when printing from xed text editor?

Post by XP-refugee »

I would like to change the font and point size of the documents that I print using xed 1.6.3.

I currently have Preferences>Font & Colours>Editor Font set to Samanta Italic 14
But it is printing the same font and point as when set at Monospace 10
The text in the display window changes with changes in font and point but the Print Preview font and point size stays the same, as does the printed output.

(I have tried using another program Leafpad
This functions in line with expectations - print preview and print out-put change with changes in selected font and point size.)

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Re: Change font size when when printing from xed text editor?

Post by AZgl1500 »

my experience with all Text editors is that none of them pass font controls to the printer.
don't matter if it is Linux or Windows, all of them do not pass control codes.

they just ship out the ASCII codes and let the printer handle it, which results in about an 8 point font :evil: :evil:
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Re: Change font size when when printing from xed text editor?

Post by powerwagon75 »

Just tried experimenting with this. It appears the settings from "Preferences" that you likely adjusted, are just for the workspace view.

Do you have these option tabs, specifically the "Text Editor" tab, when you click on "print", as below:
Here's a shot of the print preview with those settings:
It printed as you see it, and, when I changed the settings with that text editor tab, the print settings persist through multiple open and closes of the file.

The viewable file is still in the default font. If you change font and theme in "Preferences", then click save, the viewable workspace will persist with subsequent reopening of the file.

But, beware, unless I've missed it so far, these changes will apply every file you open with xed. It doesn't appear to be a per-file setting.

<Edit>: I just realized I am using an older version than you are (1.0.6). Hopefully these features are still there.

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