Urgent: Changed CLI, How to reset CLI to 'Other' Profile?

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Urgent: Changed CLI, How to reset CLI to 'Other' Profile?

Post by mccx »

:oops: I was making a new profile setting on my terminal CLI/window such that I wanted to open it at a specific location. I made a new profile first to down-size it, And it worked.

Then I added 'geometry' to the profile and set it to default. I added one(1) hyphens instead of two.

-geometry 93x31+100+350 # Does this need TWO hyphens?

* Primary Issue: Now when I open the Terminal window, it opens and closes to quickly to catch and halt. I am not sure how to reset the Profiles back to default once I set it to 'NEW'. Can I change the Profiles via text editor? Where are they located?

In case this is helpful:

Using: -Linux Mint 18.3 with mate-terminal, etc... -Fortunately I still have xterm
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Re: Urgent: Changed CLI, How to reset CLI to 'Other' Profile?

Post by acerimusdux »

Maybe try CTL-ALT-F1 to get a console, and from there, sign in and run a terminal emulator giving it the location and display like this:

x-terminal-emulator -geometry 42x21+0+0 -display :0

Then you can use the menu to edit the profile from there.
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