Browser recommendation, please

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Re: Browser recommendation, please

Post by vishgaur » Tue Oct 16, 2018 10:20 am

Vivaldi, I had voted for Vivaldi :(

It just crashed today.

uninstalled it, reinstalled it, logged in, synchronized, AGAIN CRASHED (crash=doesn't open again once closed).

Deleting folder named something in /.config/vivaldi (I think it was something like personal data) made it launch again. But as soon as I logged in my vivaldi account and synch it again, it again created locked files and never opened again.

Only option was to stop synchronizing, I need my bookmarks, extensions etc. so I can't just do that.

I installed

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sudo apt install firefox
By using it I installed Google Chrome (google-chrome-stable).

I am using Google chrome stable with all those extensions plus GOOGLE KEEP and POCKET as desktop apps ;-) (I use these two a lot and I had left using them as desktop apps just because I loved vivaldi until this crashing issue, I sacrificed these apps and used them solely in browser-vivaldi but vivaldi made me uninstall vivaldi LOL).

However, Vivaldi is working on an Android version and I'd ditch my fennec browser (firefox) on android if vivaldi comes there. I still use chrome on my android because it is just too much synchronized. (I keep privacy on check and I have no worries about anything). If your machine can handle the resources chrome use (chrome uses lesser memory than new quantum firefox, trust me) then you'd be fine with it. You don't need to worry about anything.

Re-VOTE= Google-chrome-stable (mind it, CHROME not chromium)
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