Create Linux mint as gateway which help sensor and cloud API to talk to each other

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Create Linux mint as gateway which help sensor and cloud API to talk to each other

Post by Finn57 » Fri Jun 15, 2018 2:50 am

I am using Linux Mint in MAC and I have wireless sensor which interface with Arduino and help to send the data from sensor transmitter sends data wireless to receiver's modules connected with USB module and further connected with Laptop USB.
Now according to 1st instruction I am able to receive the readings of sensor on software called XCTU provided by DIGIMESH.
But need the good solution to receive the data on Command line of Linux mint, and I wanted to use this OS in some following ways:

- Wanted to create the My laptop as gateway in such a way that it will help wireless sensor to talk through Azure API and
- Execute the library which help us to connect sensor and laptop with Azure and send readings of sensor to cloud database
- Design a dashboard which will appear on laptop screen as well as on Smartphones which shows the readings of sensors through internet
- And create alert and status system which sends the SMS as well as email the the alert regarding temperature disruption from defined range or also shares the power as well as internet status.

As newbie to this OS I am looking for helpful expertise suggestion to make this process functional

thanks in advance

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