<FIXED> Installing Linux Mint 19 from ISO, please read, EFI installs only

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Re: Installing Linux Mint 19 from ISO, please read, EFI installs only

Post by KBD47 » Thu Jul 19, 2018 9:16 pm

michael louwe wrote:
Thu Jul 19, 2018 11:36 am
KBD47 wrote:I've done this for years and they generally don't fail.
Are you saying that you have run such a fully-installed Linux 32GB Sandisk USB Flash-drive for a few hours daily and it did not fail after a few months - like the normal running of Linux that has been fully-installed on an internal HDD/SSD for a few hours daily.?
....... Running the Linux USB occasionally or for a week or two of testing does not apply = not run as a daily driver.

Maybe the computer OEMs should replace all their new HDDs/SSDs with Sandisk USB Flash-drives = can make more profits.*sarcasm*
Yes. I set them up as everything on single ext4 partition, and usually 2gb swap. Two of my Chromebooks were used on and off daily running full installs on usb sticks. Did it for years. Still have a couple installs on usb sticks. More than that, I installed a variety of Linux OS on the same sticks over and over as well as used them as a regular OS for my Chromebooks as ChromeOS is fairly crippled as far as an operating system. I bought my Toshiba and Acer Chromebooks precisely because I knew they could legacy boot in developer mode and run a full install of Linux from a usb. Hope that is clear enough :)
Edit: Sandisk Cruzer Glide is one of the most reliable usb sticks I've used, the Blades are pretty good as well.

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michael louwe
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Re: Installing Linux Mint 19 from ISO, please read, EFI installs only

Post by michael louwe » Fri Jul 20, 2018 2:25 am

@ KBD47, .......
KBD47 wrote:.
Your reply does not seem to say that you were running the fully-installed Linux USBs as your daily driver for a long duration of at least a few months.

The commenters, Don, Leonardo and Anomaly, at https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/running-linux-usb-right/ said different, ie fully-installed Linux USBs do not last long as daily drivers.

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Re: Installing Linux Mint 19 from ISO, please read, EFI installs only

Post by ChrisJUK » Fri Jul 20, 2018 1:20 pm

My computer (Intel NUC, Mint Mate 19 with SSD) will boot, but is taking ~ 12 minutes, most of it with blank screen!
Looking at some logs, it is waiting on multiple 1 minute timeouts of ntp errors such as

ntpd[1121] error reading pool 3.ubuntu.pool.ntp.org name or service not known


ntpd[1121] error reading pool ntp.ubuntu.com name or service not known

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Re: Installing Linux Mint 19 from ISO, please read, EFI installs only

Post by Pjotr » Fri Jul 20, 2018 2:02 pm

Try whether today's kernel update (-29) fixes things.
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Re: Installing Linux Mint 19 from ISO, please read, EFI installs only

Post by gingertom5005 » Fri Jul 20, 2018 2:51 pm

I have a reasonable old tower in my shed which I sometimes lend to people while I fix their PCs. I also use it to experiment with various operating systems, mainly with Mint. I have installed Mint 19 Mate on it twice. In each case the installation went well while it was connected to the internet and I have done all kernel updates and not experienced any problems (the reason I did the second installation was that I experimented with downloading a new theme and that rather messed up the installation, but hey ho, that's the benefit of having a machine I can experiment on).

Some observations:-

1) The system isn't that much different to Mint 18.3 at first appearance.

2) The boot into Firefox seemed slightly slower but the internet ran OK when it had booted.

3) I like to set up the Mint start up sound on installations I do. When I typed the command into start up applications to set this up it didn't work at first. I've typed the command into dozens of Mint applications . From information gleaned from this forum I discovered that I needed to open a terminal and type in the command, "sudo apt install sox" after which it worked fine.

4) I liked the more distinctive colouring of LibreOffice.

5) I would like to have more control over colours around windows, but that's hardly crucial.

6) The PC I am using it on has a separate graphics card but it all seems to work best with default graphics driver.

7) I installed some games which all work fine although the colour scheme in checkers is a bit naff, but that's hardly crucial.

Currently I would feel easy about letting someone borrow it as it seems to work satisfactorily with all programs.

BTW; it would be great if at some point the developers could introduce a window which pops up when updates are available. Personally the shield which advises about updates stands out to me personally like a sore thumb but a lot of Mint users who I've installed Mint for often don't notice it.

Thanks however to the developers because, as with most operating systems, they do have to mature.

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Re: Installing Linux Mint 19 from ISO, please read, EFI installs only

Post by Az4x4 » Fri Jul 20, 2018 3:12 pm

Thanks for the heads up Jeremy!

Picked up a new ASUS VivoBook S14 i7 a couple of days ago and about beat myself up trying to figure out why installing LM 19 Mate' failed each time when installing Grub2. Should have looked for answers here to begin with, but I'm sometimes stubborn that way!

Anyway, leaving the Internet disconnected instantly solved the problem and my new VivoBook has taken to Mint 19 like a duck to water.

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Re: Installing Linux Mint 19 from ISO, please read, EFI installs only

Post by JeremyB » Fri Jul 20, 2018 5:24 pm

New ISO's are out, so this is now locked

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Re: <FIXED> Installing Linux Mint 19 from ISO, please read, EFI installs only

Post by xenopeek » Thu Jul 26, 2018 3:21 pm

For the 64-bit releases of Linux Mint 19 there was an issue with ubuntu-system-adjustments preventing EFI installations from completing successfully when connected to the Internet. This has been fixed in the repositories and new ISOs have been made available.
  • New ISOs are on the download page and have v2 at the end of the filename (e.g., "linuxmint-19-edition-64bit-v2.iso").
  • If you have already installed Linux Mint 19, you don't need to do anything as this issue only affects new installs using the old ISOs.
  • If you haven't installed Linux Mint 19 yet but you have an old ISO (without v2 at the end of the filename) you can safely install from that if you just make sure your computer is not connected to the Internet during installation.
  • This issue doesn't affect 32 bit installs.


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