Cairo-dock 2

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Cairo-dock 2

Post by amirage »

Hi all

I have just recently installed the new Cairo-dock2 along with the plugins. Some of the launchers don't seem to have icons such as firefox. The icon Firefox appears as question mark. Further, can someone explain to me how can I get the stacks plugin to work in Cairo. I went in the stacks plugin options and asked for it to use a particular folder as stacks (using my AWN experience), but that doesn't work.

Will be gratefully to anyone who help me out. FYI, all the effects are enabled, compiz is working great.

Will be happy to furnish as much info as needed.

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Re: Cairo-dock 2

Post by kei84 »

I`m not very familiar with Cairo-Dock but I think you can manually set an icon just like in AWN.

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