Evolution, failure to open contacts: birthdays, etc

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Evolution, failure to open contacts: birthdays, etc

Post by Daven »

Hello Guys,

good morning. I'm a new user of the forum and as Linux mint user too. Meanwhile, an Ubuntu/Gnome user since 1 year and really love Linux :D :D :D

On my desktop pc in the office, I'm using/running ubuntu/gnome and evolution as a mail client for my job and never get the same or any problem. On my laptop, I installed Linux mint 19.0 Tara Cinnamon edition and Evolution, directly by the store.

Then once complete all the settings for the account (same as I have in the office) I notice only yesterday (upon one week) not all of sent msg were saved in the sent folder. I did so many times to send some to check, and it saved only randomly and not all (as I needed).

Could anyone be of help? Many thanks to all and thanks for a great job you are doing for all :?: :D

+++UPDATE ON 31/07+++ SOLVED

Hallo all,

searching/comparing with my evolution configuration on desktop pc, I found one setting save in the same folder where reply/sent enabled. Then was this settings to gave a problem. Many thanks to all. Sorry but I'm unable to mark this post as solved. Have a nice day
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Re: Evolution, failure to open contacts: birthdays, etc

Post by Lord Boltar »

As with IMAP mails are stored centrally on the server, you can see all mails from all IMAP clients. You can automatically store sent mails to a "Sent" folder (instead of only send them and not storing them), which is configured on a per-client basis.

I cannot tell for your desktop clients how to do this, but with K9 you can select the folder in

Menu → More → Settings → Account settings → Folders → Folder for Sent objects

Just in the Folders menu, you will find some more special folders you can define (e.g. for drafts).

Having your "Sent" folder defined on all your clients (and always having defined the same), you should be able to easily view your sent mails from all clients, regardless of the fact from which client a mail was sent.
If you use some Online-email-client, you must make sure its settinsg are correct -- for example, Gmail Labels set to invisible makes also your Evolution Sent emails invisible. If your server-side email-client such as mutt has a wrong record -field, it means every IMAP email-client will malfunction. If your Gmail filters has some odd Delete It, it may delete all of your sent -emails -- also a possible reason why IMAP -mailbox may not work.

Now POP3 is much simpler. It just directs every email to different mailboxes, meaning you need to replicate your work over multiple devices -- driving you mad if you have many email-clients like me: mutt in Server, Evolution in Desktop, K9 in Android, iOS email in iPad etc. But the good side is that the settings between different email-clients won't intercept one another the way they do with IMAP -configured mailboxes.
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