some proplems with mint and my new pc

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some proplems with mint and my new pc

Post by Birlindo »

hello ,

actually i got new pc and i found some proplems which i never face before with my old pc .

1st issue with the wireless connection it gets low signal and even i can't surf internet with my wireless connection of the network . my wireless card is alfa . usb ( in vista the signel is hight )

2nd issue with the sound when listen to music it gives only buzz (zzzzzz) with no voice . ( note - iam using subwoofer ) with some songs only my speakers are - creative - . and my motherboard built incard which is inter extreme . with i7 920 @ 2.67 processor

3rd is question my ram is 8 gb shall i make the swap 16 gb the double ?

as i mentiond i have no internet connection in my mint so iam asking about the 9800 gt nvidia driver will work or not . the resolution was fine 1680 x 1050 . 22 inch monitor .

regarding to the ram is mint 64 high consumer for ram or not . and can i get the driver of i look 300 genius cam for linux mint ?

and when the final gloria 64 bit will be ?

thanks in advance .

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Re: some proplems with mint and my new pc

Post by kei84 »

1st issue: I can`t help you in this one

2nd issue: type alsamixer in your terminal and see if all the levels are up

3rd issue: no, 2 GB of swap is more than enought

When it comes to compatibility, Nvidia drivers are problably the best.
Mint 64 is not a high consummer for RAM (at least not with me). You problably won`t have any problem with your webcam.

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