Sound Problem with extern HDD

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Sound Problem with extern HDD

Post by Aberdeen » Wed Aug 15, 2018 1:15 pm

Hi Community,

I m now since 5 days On linux Mint 19- TARA and even some minor Problems, i think its great.

i moved away from windows because of to much process, to much spy ans to much ressources need.

actually Mint do it better .
Short about my Hardware : Asus MB TUF 360-b Plus. 16 Gb Ram- 128 GB SSD- USB NATIVE Instrument Komplet Audio 6 -
( Additional if need for my music : Native Instrument Komplet Kontroll MIDI Key - Akai APC 25 - Miditech Midi Keyboard-

2 Screen : 1 21 and 1 19 " -
1 HDD 320 GB in a rack to turn on/off
1 HDD 500 Gb attached to a Activ USB 3.0 HUB

Software installed: ( just after install , all system update installed )

Stacer, Bleachit, KDE Part manager, PITIVI , Wine ,wineHQ ,Play on Linux, Entropia Universe , Photoprint , Double Commander , VLC , Ardour . LMMS,Audacity + Lame , waterfox,evolution,.. well thats it for now.

So now my problem. Mostly after copying a folder on 1 of my 2 external HDD , playing music with VLC ( mostly videos ) will be rendered with some lags.. sound stop for 1 sec..or so.
Played with Mint Mediaplayer , all songs play slow.

I deinstalled ARDOUR and LMMS . But Finally no success. Music ( MP3 or Videos play slower than normal )

i couldnt find any solution for now. ONLY a new start fix that issue.
any Idea ?
Suggestion and Fix welcome. Thanks

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