[SOLVED, but not solved] Audio output source changes without permission (LM 19)

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[SOLVED, but not solved] Audio output source changes without permission (LM 19)

Post by Ulfberht86 » Wed Aug 15, 2018 4:01 pm

My audio output source switches from speaker to microphone each time i play a video game, and i don't want that! The system just changes my settings without asking me first... :shock:

I have a "Blue Yeti" microphone and it has an audio jack for headphones, so that's probably why it's listed as output device, but my speakers also have an audio jack for headphones and I use speakers more than I use headphones, so I don't need the output capability of my microphone.

I don't see a way to turn my microphone off as output device, or a way to set my speakers as standard device, or anything like that in audio settings, so I can only see one solution:

My speakers connect to my microphone, my microphone connect to my usb hub and that hub connect to the motherboards in my 2 stationarys... :lol:

It's cable spaghetti, but it solves the problem with the output switching from speaker to microphone, but it doesn't explain why the audio output device changed without my permission, so if anybody knows what caused this odd behavior in the first place, then please reply to the post.

(My microphone and speakers behave in a normal manner, when I don't play video games)

Thanks in advance for replying :-)

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