libsoup and evolution mail

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libsoup and evolution mail

Post by wddossett » Sat Aug 18, 2018 12:01 pm


I an on Mint 19, I am trying to use Evolution with an exchange server. Set up using ews and mail works well, but calendar does not. I've tried resetting up the account, checking the tick box to sync all folders and anything else I could find on google. The error I get in evolution is

Unable to connect to “Calendar”: Backend factory for source “900c2ef494f7caf29a812432257641e2203a8ec2” and extension “Calendar” cannot be found.

evolution team say it should work, more googling and the only thing I can find at the moment is libsoup is causing the error maybe. I'm out of my depth now...

aptitude search "libsoup*" seems to indicate I am on libsoup-2.4. It seems that evolution may want libsoup-2.58 or above. more googling, it looks like Artful has libsoup-2.60? but now things are talking about compiling source and I haven't done that since I worked with slackware (you can see how old I am!) and generally think that's a bad thing as it breaks the apt/yum process... but, I do really want to get calendar to work in evolution, so I am now stuck and I come to ask can this be done? without bricking my new Linux Mint which after just a few days I am loving!


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