32bit system

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32bit system

Post by Rustythefox »

Hello... I am a newbie to all of this. I will be short.
I have a very very old weak machine (2 GB RAM 2,7 AMD dual, 512 mb Nvidia Gforce 8500).
I saw that Ubuntu from now on will get only 64 bit distributives. And this what worries me - I can't use 64bit for obvious reasons.
so here are the questions:
1. Will this be the same for Mint and other systems?
2. If yes, can I still use 32 bit system without support?
P.S. No, I can't upgrade my hardware. I live in a middle of civil war.
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Re: 32bit system

Post by gm10 »

Ubuntu releases are already only 64-bit. Mint nevertheless released 32-bit images for LM19 and they will continue receiving support until 2023.

Whether Mint will still be releasing 32-bit images by 2023 I cannot tell you, but considering desktop 64-bit processors will have been around for 20 years by then, personally I think it will really be time for 32-bit to die. Bless your hardware if it survives that long. 20 years is certainly way beyond the expected life expectancy.
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Re: 32bit system

Post by AscLinux »

What is "2,7 AMD dual"? 2 GB of RAM is enough to run 64 bit Linux.
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Re: 32bit system

Post by turtlebay »

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2 GB RAM 2,7 AMD dual, 512 mb Nvidia Gforce 8500
With that hardware you can run 64 bit distros.
My computer is older with less resources and it runs 64bit beautifully.
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