Lightweight linux rescue live distribution?

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Re: Lightweight linux rescue live distribution?

Post by arvY99 » Sat Sep 29, 2018 4:00 pm

@ Arch_Enemy,

I will stay with the working 18.3 and will likely try to install 19 in a virtualbox and play with it. If all works fine, why not freezing it with Systemback. Now trying to gather some info regarding what to remove and how to remove it, including applications, themes and fonts that I will never use.
Don't know how the previous Puppy were. The latest one looks easy to use. Stuff like email, video, etc... applications are not necessary for rescue purpose, but they don't take much space either. You might have another look, 12 years later.

@ JerryF,

I will reconsider what I wrote. Removing extra stuff from LM19 might be an other interesting approach! As said just above, there are certainly things that can easily be removed... Not for a bare rescue system, but for a customized distro.

@ Lord Boltar,

Thanks for these extra links. Sounds like a clean way after the customization.

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