Wifi issues with dell latitude d830 and their resolution

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Wifi issues with dell latitude d830 and their resolution

Post by Ironmongoose » Thu Oct 18, 2018 3:31 pm

i admit i played with fire but i did resolve an issue that i have been having (my broadcom wifi card was not registering) but beyond that i could get no signal either way from it infact even when the wifi was working in the original os ( win xp) the wifi light never came on now it did connect to wifi it just didnt have the light working.
the things that fixed it to be honest i used my other desktop to google fixes and ended up using a combination of things from a couple sources to do it i used
sudo apt-get update

and i used the advice some one gave for a d820 laptop (it had the exact same wifi card as my pc did shocking really)

and last but not least i completely shut off the side toggle switch for my wifi and wifi catcher .... not sure specifically how that works in but once i had trouble shot it for about a hour (when i actually sat down and did it) i had a perfectly working laptop with a free "recent" os that was not xp .... im not trying to brag (much) but if anyone could help me by writing out a proper list of processes to get to this point state i would be much appreciative for those who haven't yet

i do remember bits and pieces of how i got to this point but im no tech wizard to even both trying to explain it simply put my issue was software related and if you have a broadcom wifi card you too might have issues

a wired connection to internet is a must for getting all the drivers and software you will need and dont be fooled you will need it
i should mention im writing this on exactly 3 hours of sleep from about 24-25 hours ago so im pretty sure im not coherent right now sorry

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Re: Wifi issues with dell latitude d830 and their resolution

Post by all41 » Thu Oct 18, 2018 8:45 pm

Firstly-welcome to the forum------get some snooze.
Get expert advice by providing some minimal information.
Open a terminal window from your Menu and type or copy/paste the following:

Code: Select all

Copy the entire terminal results and post them back to this thread.
Please click the 'CODE' icon (</>) above the reply window and paste the terminal results within.
There are wifi experts aboard but they will need this info
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