How to install f4 transkript?

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How to install f4 transkript?

Post by rutka »

Hey guys,

I want to install the transcription program "f4 trankript" - here a link to their website:
Sadly I have no clue how to do it. :((

I've looked into a few options, but the software isnt in the Software Manager.
To the best of my knowledge therefor I cant use apt-get
(even though I'm not sure, wether I have the right package name - I just used the title from my downloads: f4transkript-7.0.6-linux.tar.gz).
Also I think, that I cant use the Synaptic Package Manager for the same reason, right?
So is this "PPA repository" thing my last option, because I'm pretty sure, that I dont have the skills or the understanding to do it. :-D

Do you know, how I can install f4 transkript?
And if so - can you give me a step-by-step explanation on how to do it?

thanks in advance ♥
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Re: How to install f4 transkript?

Post by frosh »

Just extract the file you downloaded (f4transkript-7.0.6-linux.tar.gz). You can either do this by right clicking and choosing extract or you can do this in the terminal by changing in the directory where you saved the file and using the tar command:

Code: Select all

tar -xvzf f4transkript-7.0.6-linux.tar.gz
Check out if there is a readme in the folder with further installation instructions. If not, you're probably set to go and can just start the application from that folder by double clicking on the program starter.
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