Copying from pc to usb flashdrive always fails

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Copying from pc to usb flashdrive always fails

Post by bradrar »

I am copying my files from my pc to usb. It is 10GB. However I am just at 8% of the transfer and my usb is saying that the transfer failed. Then my usb is ejected and I have to pull it out and push it in again so my pc can read the usb. and then I copy the file then fails again.

Please help

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Re: Copying from pc to usb flashdrive always fails

Post by iironjade »

If your usb drive isn't formatted to NTFS then transferring large files will always fail. It happened to me and I had to call the manufacturer to find out what was going on. Reformatting to NTFS fixed it.
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Re: Copying from pc to usb flashdrive always fails

Post by BG405 »

I'd be interested to know if this solved the problem. It's the first time I've heard of the formatting being responsible for an issue like this; it evidently doesn't affect transfers to USB-connected hard disks at least in my case, so I am unsure why USB memory sticks would be any different (unless perhaps if it's a slow one). Something I'll have to try.

Are these large individual files, or a large number of files, or maybe both?
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