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Post by chazb »

LM 18.3 Sylvia, Xfce
I really have a problem with messing with my printer settings etc. As I managed to somehow to really screw things up when I was using LM 17. So nowI take things one step at a time and in the process, understand what it is I am changing and why. Like to day, even though I was using my printer, I discovered the OS didn't have a file for the printer, and now it does. In the window Printer-Localhost there are now two images of the printer instead of one, and if what I am reading is true, a third image for printing pdf's.

My problem began yesterday when I went to print a PDF from the web, and was getting pages of gibberish and discovered I was trying to print a Microsoft Word PDF. So I go about the business finding what it is I have to do to print this file correctly. And run across this thing call cups-PDF, and I am wondering if this is the magic wand that solved my problem, or is it the beginning of another major headache learning curve of Linux. I know what Cups is and it comes with the OS and drives my printer, but I hesitate messing with it. So I go to the Cops website for PDF and discover that part of Cups-pdf must be installed as root. I see in Synaptic a file for cups-pdf. Does Synaptic install it as root with all its dependencies or should I install it with the Terminal as root?

This is where I went,,,,,,,,
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Re: cups-pdf

Post by kreemoweet »

Cups-pdf is actually a file format converter ("virtual printer" or some such foolishness), and is not what you use to print
pdf files on an actual printer. The usual method of printing a pdf from the web is to download it, open it in a
pdf-reading program, and have that application send it to your printer. Some web browsers may be able to do that
directly, but it doesn't sound like you're using one of those. I would be surprised if cups-pdf isn't already installed on
your system (appears as "Print to File" in the Print dialog). All software installed from Synaptic is installed as root
(you need root privileges just to open Synaptic), and dependencies will be installed if necessary.

Sometimes drivers/software for your specific printer needs to be installed before it can be used.
There's a specific forum here for printer issues: Hardware Support form, Printers and Scanners subforum.
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