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About mint-fortune

Post by Revontulet »

Hello partners !

First of all, if I'm posting in this section, is beacuse I'm a newbie, so, I hope you have enough patience for me :)
So, let's attack the problem.

I tried to upgrade my Linux Mint Felicia 6 by downloading an upgrade package. The package warns that the process isn't safe and can crack my O.S. if something goes wrong.
So, like it's obvious, I've cancelled the process.
After that, every time I open the Konsole/Terminal, appears the following message:
bash: /usr/bin/mint-fortune: No existe el fichero ó directorio // "The file or directory doesn't exist"
So, now the facts I've activated for Konsole in the first Mint start, doesn't appear anymore, instead, appears this message.

What can I do ?


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Re: About mint-fortune

Post by terdon »

Hi, for some reason you seem to have deleted the fortunes program. This is no big deal, it is just those qute messages that appear when you open a terminal. The simplest way to fix this would be to remove fortunes from your bash settings:

Code: Select all

 sudo gedit /etc/bash.bashrc

Look for a line like this (at the end of the file):

Code: Select all

and either delete it, or comment it (add a "#" at the beginning of the line). After that, fortunes will not be called by bash and you should have no more error messages.

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Re: About mint-fortune

Post by emorrp1 »

yep, but you'll need sudo powers still
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