Nightmare with clean install updates

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Nightmare with clean install updates

Post by deanr72 »

For some reason I'm having a nightmare today trying to install a clean, working version of Mint 18.3. I've tried both Cinnamon and Mint and despite the installation going smoothly the problems start when I try to update.

ALL mirrors are unreachable and/or I'm getting cannot fetch update messages, fail to download. Settings are default so I haven't played around with anything or screwed it up unintentionally. Anyway, now I'm trying Cinnamon 18.3 again and half the updates now seem to be working - but none from

Can any help help with this latest dilemma? It really is doing my head in as I was expecting to spend an hour at most setting up and. It's now nearly 5pm and I started an 8:00 am this morning ffs.

P.S. By the way, I've tried changing to local mirrors, checking connect is 'direct to internet' not via a VPN, connecting to my phone as a hotspot - all ideas suggested online. Nothing has made a difference.
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