Video Editing on Linux

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Video Editing on Linux

Post by Fabio7891 »

Hello everybody !

I have seen this open source software about video editing:

Have you already tried it ?

It looks professional
I use Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon Tessa - 64 bit

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Re: Video Editing on Linux

Post by marcia »


It looks interesting. I do video editing and I am always curious about something new. I looked into the
information on their site, and they seem enthusiastic. It is only alpha so far, but some are saying it is
very good already. I am sure testers will be helpful for them to improve it. I plan to give it a try soon.

Nice find and thanks for letting us know.


Hoser Rob
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Re: Video Editing on Linux

Post by Hoser Rob »

No, I haven't tried it, and if you scroll down a bit on that linked dl page you will see the following...

"... it's still currently in alpha meaning it is incomplete and not fully stable ..."

... which meansI'm not going to try it either until it's released as a stable. It's going be a bug fest otherwise.

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