Mint Installer???

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Mint Installer???

Postby theevilone6620 » Sun Jul 12, 2009 4:32 pm

Is is just me or does the Install programs function in Mint not let you know what you already have installed on your system the way Ubuntu does??? I keep seeing things in there that I already have installed and unlike Ubuntu I do not see anything like a check mark next to it to let you know you already have it on your system... Am I missing something here??? Also can anyone tell me what a Meta Package is? And how do you configure the software manager to tell it what to install like the categories of Main, Universe, Restricted and Multiverse?? I cannot seem to find it in the way I could in Ubuntu??
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Re: Mint Installer???

Postby Aging Technogeek » Sun Jul 12, 2009 5:50 pm

When you choose a package from mintInstall, click on the "More Info" button. This will give you a thumbnail of the package, the repo it is in, the installed version (if any), and the latest available version.

A meta package is an installer package that gathers all required files and dependencies to install a major package (such as KDE 4 or Gnome) into one place for easier installation. Once the package is installed the meta package can generally be deleted without harm.

The mintInstall software Manager is not set up to be configured in the way you want. If you open Synaptic Package Manager, you can use "Settings=>Preferences" and Settings=>Filters" to set things up any way you wish
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