File ownership mess with external usb HDD

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File ownership mess with external usb HDD

Post by Pangolin »

Hi everyone!

My situation is as follows:

I have a machine number ONE with 2 users: user A (local ID 1000) and user B (local ID 1001).

I also have a machine number TWO with 2 users: user C (local ID 1000) and user D (local ID 1001).

For data backup purposes, I use the same external usb HDD (LUKS encrypted) with both machines.
What happens is that the ownership of the backed-up files results to be "shared" between users A and C and between users B and D, I suppose because they have the same local ID (though their "human-readable" names are different).

Is there a SAFE way to apply a system-wide change to users C's and D's ID (like making them 1010 and 1020) so to prevent confusion in backups?
Of course, the most important thing to me is not to break anything on the working machine...
Waiting for your help.
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Re: File ownership mess with external usb HDD

Post by TI58C »

May sound stupid and have practical problems with existing backups, but:

Why not partition external USB drive in two partitions, each luks-encrypted, one partition to be called "backup_one" and one partition called "backup two"

You 'd only have to be careful to make your backups to the right partition. No more confusion.

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Re: File ownership mess with external usb HDD

Post by ganamant »

If you only use that drive for backups, this is a mild annoyance, but not a real issue. Upon restoration (after all, this is what backups are for), each owner will get the right files.
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