[solve]after updating errors "no system tray detected..." others

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[solve]after updating errors "no system tray detected..." others

Post by oldgranola »

Hello. Just did an update on my LM19.1 cinnamon system, checked all except headers for dev for 4.15.x (I have 4.18.0..) and booted.
Now I don't see the update manager icon on the right of the bar
I get an error automatically displayed "No system tray detected on this system, unable to start, exiting" in a box titled HPLIP Status Service. I believe thats for my HP printer.

The loss of the update manager icon happened before with a prev update but I can't seem to find the old thread here to fix.

Edit to add: right click on the bar, open "+ add applets to toolbar", go find system tray, click the "+" sign at bottom. sheesh.
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