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Printer Issue

Post by nimi31 » Sat Jun 29, 2019 6:45 am

Hi all
I've been using Windows 10 but I've always hated it. I bought an Epson XP-8500 printer to replace my ancient printer and it worked fine on Win 10. I've recently got so fed up with the way Win 10 works (or doesn't work) that I've installed Linux Mint xfce as a dual boot. I'm very pleased with the result and am getting along fine with Mint but I just cannot get my new printer to work as there are no drivers listed. Using a XP-820 driver will allow connection/communication wirelessly with the printer but the resulting text is gobbledegook. The Epson website doesn't list a driver so I'm a bit stuffed. Any help to sort this out would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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Re: Printer Issue

Post by cliffcoggin » Sat Jun 29, 2019 6:57 am

Mint should automatically detect your printer and install the appropriate drivers. Search for Printers in the menu, click Add Printer, and see if it finds the printer.
Cliff Coggin
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Re: Printer Issue

Post by michael-hi » Sat Jun 29, 2019 11:50 am


I assume that you have not managed to get this printer working at all, either via USB or wireless, and that you have not downloaded any drivers from Epson. Instead you have chosen from the list of drivers already available in Linux Mint and that XP-8500 wasn't listed so you chose XP-820.

However, it seems these two printers may have slightly different drivers. The XP-820 needs the ESC/P-R Driver whereas the XP-8500 needs the ESC/P-R Driver 2. I don't know what the difference is, if any! However, the Epson website lists the latter driver as being appropriate for all the following printers:

Code: Select all

EC-4020 Series, EC-4030 Series, EC-4040 Series, EP-50V Series, EP-879A Series, EP-880A Series, EP-881A Series, ET-3700 Series, ET-3710 Series, ET-3750 Series, ET-3760 Series, ET-4750 Series, ET-4760 Series, ET-8700 Series, ET-M1140 Series, ET-M1170 Series, ET-M1180 Series, ET-M2140 Series, ET-M2170 Series, ET-M3140 Series, ET-M3170 Series, ET-M3180 Series, EW-M630T Series, EW-M670FT Series, L6160 Series, L6170 Series, L6190 Series, M1140 Series, M1170 Series, M1180 Series, M2140 Series, M2170 Series, M3140 Series, M3170 Series, M3180 Series, PM-520 Series, PX-M270FT Series, PX-M270T Series, PX-M380F, PX-M381FL, PX-M5080F Series, PX-M5081F Series, PX-M680F Series, PX-M7070FX, PX-M7110F, PX-M7110FP, PX-M780F Series, PX-M781F Series, PX-M880FX, PX-M884F, PX-M885F, PX-M886FL, PX-S270T Series, PX-S380, PX-S381L, PX-S5010 Series, PX-S5080 Series, PX-S7070X, PX-S7110, PX-S7110P, PX-S880X, PX-S884, PX-S885, ST-3000 Series, ST-4000 Series, ST-M1000 Series, ST-M3000 Series, WF-2860 Series, WF-3720 Series, WF-3730 Series, WF-4720 Series, WF-4730 Series, WF-4740 Series, WF-7210 Series, WF-7710 Series, WF-7720 Series, WF-C5210 Series, WF-C5290 Series, WF-C5290BA, WF-C529R Series, WF-C529RB, WF-C5710 Series, WF-C5790 Series, WF-C5790BA, WF-C579R Series, WF-C579RB, WF-C8190 Series, WF-C8190B, WF-C8610 Series, WF-C8690 Series, WF-C8690B, WF-C869R Series, WF-M5298 Series, WF-M5299 Series, WF-M5799 Series, XP-15000 Series, XP-5100 Series, XP-6000 Series, XP-6100 Series, XP-8500 Series
So the first thing to try would be to uninstall and reinstall your printer and see whether the printer tool manages to locate and install the correct driver by itself, as per cliffcoggin's post above. If not, then select a printer from the list it offers which is also in the list I have shown above, preferably one beginning with XP but failing that choose any one of the others. If that doesn't work, either because none of the above printers are listed or because your best choice still doesn't print, then you will probably need to download a driver from Epson. Their website will tell you that the XP-8500 has no Linux driver, but the odd thing is that if you input XP-850 instead (which is a different printer) it will show drivers apparently suitable for the XP-8500. So if you go to this page - ... archModule
and input XP-850 in the search field and Linux in the drop-down box, it will give 7 results, including 3 drivers relating to the XP-8500:

v1.02 Epson Printer Utility
v1.0.34 ESC/P-R Driver 2 (generic driver)
v3.55.0 Scanner Driver

For each of these, download the appropriate .deb version (either 32 or 64 bit depending on your system). However, the notes say that before installing them you first need to install the LSB package:

Code: Select all

sudo apt-get install lsb
which by the way will automatically install some additional packages at the same time. This may all seem rather complicated, so certainly try cliffcoggin's suggestion first. It is possible that this time the printer tool will somehow find the right driver on the web automatically and do all the work for you. But if not...well good luck!

PS. If the scanner doesn't work, then it might be because of this bug, for which there are workarounds: ... g/1728012

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Re: Printer Issue

Post by brian_p » Mon Jul 01, 2019 5:55 am

Why the obsession with drivers for this printer? Doesn't the Printers App offer a driverless (recommended) option? Or there is
PS. If the scanner doesn't work, then it might be because of this bug, for which there are workarounds: ... ug/1728012
Not relevant. The XP-8500 uses imagescan.

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