keyboard / clicks unresponsive

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Re: keyboard / clicks unresponsive

Post by Fizz »

Thought i would update this. I continued to experience some random freezes. However, at the moment i am running with kernel 5, and the only grub parameter i have added is rcu_nocbs=0-7. Since then, seems quite stable. I've been up for nearly 15 days now, no freezes / crashes.

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Re: keyboard / clicks unresponsive

Post by MarkTheMorose »

I get them too, once per session it seems. However, in a change to previous behaviour, if I just wait 10 or 15 seconds, I'm finding that it will recover. There have been a few kernel updates and such since my earlier posts, but I've no idea really what has 'fixed' this.

That said, just this week I had a freeze that didn't recover. For a change, it was in Thunderbird rather than Firefox, and although I waited around for half a minute or so, it didn't recover this time. On a sample size of one, I can't draw much of a conclusion.
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