playonlinux multi disk installations

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playonlinux multi disk installations

Post by kdander »

While trying to install an old Win game (Medieval Total War) using Playonlinux I got the installation working well until it came to the point where the install program wanted disk #2, it couldn't find the optical drive. (in Win it would be D:/ drive). I also tried to ask this question on the Playonlinux forum but when I attempted to register I got an error message that said " domain not allowed:. Don't know what the deal is for that but it is my e-mail extender. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: playonlinux multi disk installations

Post by Lord Boltar »

I've got two advices:

1) copy both cd's to single directory and then start installation


2) add drive e.g
D: which points at /media/SF_CD1
F: which points at /media/SF_CD2

then set both drives to CD-ROM type under "Show Advanced" in winecfg (Drives tab)

Remember to run winecfg through / inside PlayOnLinux.

if your CD is copy protected (SecuROM v4 or SecuROM v5) and neither Wine nor POL support copy protected CD's so your game will always be showing this message because of lack of this support. "Please insert your original CD into your CD/DVD drive".
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Re: playonlinux multi disk installations

Post by TI58C »

To add drives in POL is somewhat different from wine.

1. Open main POL window
2. In the top menu choose "configure "
3. In the left pane, select the "virtual drive that your game resides on
4 In the right pane, choose tab "wine"
5. Click button "configure wine". A windows-type window with several tabs will open (same as winecfg)
6. Choose tab "drives"
7. with cd inserted, choose "autodetect" OR
8. choose "add, choose new drive letter and use button "browse" to avigate to your cd-drive (somewhere in /home/media/<username>

Hope this helps

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