Every NEW version "logbook" which automatically noted in the background any changes you make?

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Every NEW version "logbook" which automatically noted in the background any changes you make?

Post by Vilsen » Thu Aug 15, 2019 5:04 am

One thing that I have been thinking about for a long time is that each year we give a new version
of the best distribution of lInux = MINT, with

improvements that make you leave the old and skip to the new but with a big and extensive problem:

ALL the settings and everything "furniture" that needs to be changed and take hours for hours.

Couldn't there be some kind of "logbook" that automatically noted in the background all the changes one makes?

I have received my "tips" on changes from the "web" through all SPEED-UP SSDs. speed up Firefox, Tweak your MINT 18,
Things To Do After Installing Linux Mint.

ALL adjustments, improvements I've made over the years, all personal "furniture"
color schemes, all choices, all Keyboard shortcuts where I used the "dead keys":
NumLock, PrtScr, ScrollLock, PauseBreak for appropriate tasks, and everything else.

All this I have to do over and over EVERY time
there comes a new version.

Something that takes a long time and makes you better
stays in last year's (or last year's 9th edition of MINT MATE!

Yes: the printer should be implemented as well by a script .

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