Resolution resets when I turn on one of the monitors without the other

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Resolution resets when I turn on one of the monitors without the other

Post by 1337ingDisorder » Tue Aug 20, 2019 11:44 am

Hi folks,

Not sure if this should be a software or hardware question, so I figured the 'newbie questions' section was a good place to start.

I've been using Mint for years, currently using 18.3 and it's great, except for a new problem that's just cropped up.

A couple days ago I added a second monitor. (Monitor 1 is a Samsung 65" TV, Monitor 2 is a Samsung 50" TV)

I've set nvidia-settings to mirror the output on both displays, so that I can have the same display output on both, and I've saved the X configuration. This appears to work as expected, as long as I don't turn either monitor off. I can reboot, relog, etc, and as long as both monitors are turned on, it remembers that I want to have Monitor 1 set as Absolute 0,0 with resolution 1920x1080, and Monitor 2 set as "Same as" Monitor 1.

Also if I turn off just one monitor then it seems to have no problem retaining the settings. (Either one, doesn't matter which.)

But if I turn off both monitors, then turn on just one of them, Mint seems to decide for me that I want to change my display settings to something no human would ever use. It turns the mirrored display into an extended desktop, like it just assumes both displays are side-by-side (they aren't) and it sets the resolution to something absurd. Not sure the exact figures but I'd guess something like 800x800, stretched out way wide over the wide-screen monitors.

If I leave the monitor on and log out then log back in, as soon as I drop to the login screen it seems to realise it screwed up and it resets the display output to mirrored @ 1080p.

Is there a setting somewhere like "Remember X11 settings even if the user turns the monitors off" ?

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