Can malware jump from Windows to Linux in a dual boot set up?

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Re: Can malware jump from Windows to Linux in a dual boot set up?

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carum carvi wrote:
Wed Aug 21, 2019 1:19 pm
I have posted your exact same question a year ago as well and I got the answer that a dual boot with Windows does not prevent malware from affecting LinuxMint. It can cross over.
Apologies. My remark (above) was based on a faulty memory of mine. :oops: I checked my (similar) post from a year ago and although the answer I got was that it was theoretically possible, the practical chance of getting infected via a dual boot is very slim to none existent. I was / am so anxious about security though, that I only remembered the part of that particular 1 year old post, that a dual boot infection was theoretically possible and I forgot the more important practical part that it is very unlikely to ever happen, provided one doesnt give the other OS read/write access. There are many people though who create a separate partition for solely data, not programs (documents, videos etc). Someone could easily think it would be handy to share that partition with Windows by formatting it into NTFS format, because it can be read/written to by both Linux and Windows. Am I overlooking something or would it not be easy to get infected in that particular situation?
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