Slow to connect to Internet!

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Slow to connect to Internet!

Post by VictorTom »

Picking the Right Trampoline

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Re: Slow to connect to Internet!

Post by Larry78723 »

Please post an inxi -n report. This will give us a concise overview of your network hardware and on how Mint sees it.

Here is how to generate the report and post it:

Open a terminal window (Ctrl-Alt-t). Make it fullscreen to avoid unneeded linebreaks or chopped lines. Execute the command

Code: Select all

 inxi -n 
exactly as it has been typed here.

Mark the complete text output which the command will display with your mouse.
Press the keyboard shortcut <Shift><Ctrl>C to copy the marked text into the clipboard.
Enclose the results between the code markers by selecting </> from the mini toolbar above the textbox where you type your reply then paste <Ctrl>V them in your reply between the code markers.

The results will help us to help you.


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