Slow to connect to Internet!

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Slow to connect to Internet!

Post by VictorTom » Fri Aug 23, 2019 10:54 am

On bootup I see my router on the list 'fine' but trying to connect to it is a "JOKE" I can try maybe 10 times each time it comes back with the same CONNECT password window asking to try again it's driving me frantic it does 'eventually' connect. I must add, no problem at all with the Windows 10 side of the system (Dual Boot) it goes straight to my router and connects. When it's connected it's GREAT but its getting it connected is the thing. My computer spec is high and we can't blame that so where do I go from here ? maybe back to Windows 10 ?
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Re: Slow to connect to Internet!

Post by Larry78723 » Fri Aug 23, 2019 12:22 pm

Please post an inxi -n report. This will give us a concise overview of your network hardware and on how Mint sees it.

Here is how to generate the report and post it:

Open a terminal window (Ctrl-Alt-t). Make it fullscreen to avoid unneeded linebreaks or chopped lines. Execute the command

Code: Select all

 inxi -n 
exactly as it has been typed here.

Mark the complete text output which the command will display with your mouse.
Press the keyboard shortcut <Shift><Ctrl>C to copy the marked text into the clipboard.
Enclose the results between the code markers by selecting </> from the mini toolbar above the textbox where you type your reply then paste <Ctrl>V them in your reply between the code markers.

The results will help us to help you.


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