Weird FF issue

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Weird FF issue

Post by kamie » Sun Aug 25, 2019 5:38 pm

Today was the first time this has happened. Specs are in my signature.
I don't like or use tabs, just open multi pages as needed in FF. There is one page, I open and minimize to hide so it stays open, in the event I loose internet. To bring it back I just hover over the FF icon in the tool bar and click on that page then it comes back to my desktop.
Today when I hover over that icon, it tells me how many pages I have open, but doesn't show the minimized one. Also before today, hovering over the icon would show all the pages open, hidden or not. Today it doesn't work.
Any suggestions?
Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon
Version 4.0.10
Kernel 4.15.0-54-generic
Processor AMD A12-9720P RADEON R7, 12 COMPUTE CORES 4C+8G × 2
Graphics Card Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Wani [Radeon R5/R6/R7 Graphics]
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