Touchscreen and Touchpad (middle button) issues

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Touchscreen and Touchpad (middle button) issues

Post by Maverickz » Tue Oct 15, 2019 2:40 am

I not a new Linux Mint user but these questions might be useful to other new users so I am posting here. I have always used Mint on Desktops so these issues never came up before.

Anyway, I recently decided to try Mint on a laptop with a touchscreen and a touchpad (I do not use a mouse with this laptop) and I have 3 issues.

1. The touchpad does not have any physical buttons, and in Windows only the left and right buttons are emulated. However in Mint the middle button is also emulated. Is there a way to configure this so that only the left and right are emulated? This is causing me lots of issues because I frequently click just a bit too far to the right for a left click and it clicks as middle which means every time to try to switch tabs in a browser or switch programs from the task bar, instead of open the tap or program, it instead closes it. This is completely infuriating and wastes time.

2. When browsing the internet using Firefox, I cannot scroll a page using the touchscreen (touchpad works fine). When I slide my finger up or down the screen to try and scroll it highlights text on the page instead of scrolling. I can click things by touching the screen. I haven't really tried scrolling in other programs with the screen. Is there anyway to fix this?

3. Also related to the touchscreen if I open an image in Firefox and try to use "pinch to zoom" it doesn't work. It's as if it is only detecting a single touch and not both fingers. Do I need to do something to enable proper touch support?

I really want to use Mint on this laptop but these issues break how I use it.

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