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lightdm - login - password wrong

Posted: Sun Oct 20, 2019 3:36 am
by fava
Since I want to move from linux Mint 18 to 19 I have to replace mdm display manager. I am able to install and configure lightdm. After removing mdm, lightdm login screen shows up after reboot, but I am not able to login: wrong password. Of corse, I am still able to login in a terminal (tty) or via ssh. After moving back to mdm everything works fine again. After days on google and with try an error I am looking for help:

How can I debug this problem? In my first guess I would search for a pam.d problem... others aruge, it's a keybord localisation problem, but my password isn't critical...

I am a linux-user since more than 20 years, and used to cli, but I am not an expert.